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Spiritual Care

Spiritual Direction

Unpeeling the layers. Discovering your gifts. Living your potential.


Unpeeling the layers of potential in a complex world

Life is busy and complex. We want to live balanced and fulfilled lives. At least that is what everyone tells us. Maybe life is more about discovery, curiosity, and leaning into the ebbs and flows of life. Peeling Birch Coaching is about unpeeling the layers of your potential and leaning into your life.

A stream represents the ebbs and flows in our lives.

The Benefits of Coaching and Spiritual Direction

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Providing a space for you to be heard, express your thoughts and feelings and explore who you are created to be.

Brave & Confidential

Peeling Birch Coaching is a brave and confidential space for you to explore, reflect, and to just be who you are.


To be “complete” means to be whole. It’s not about “perfection.” It’s about living into your amazing potential.

Action – Oriented

Both the workplace/life coaching and nutrition coaching sessions are focused on small, manageable action steps that propel you forward.

Spiritual Practices

Contemplation, mindfulness, and spiritual practices help us to center and refocus when the waves of life crash in on us. Learn and explore.

Living Whole

Living Whole is about mind, body and spirit. In the nutrition sessions we experiment to see what works best for your body and your values.

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Andrea coaches with a compassionate and engaged heart and mind. She draws upon her well of spiritual gifts and biblical knowledge to ask just the right questions to get me thinking more clearly about my situation or to find more creative solutions to obstacles. I always feel like she is truly interested in me and in my life and is working with me to get to the next step in my growth.


It’s a great feeling to know you are being heard. You have a safe place to say your truths! 

H. A.