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Spiritual Coaching

Revealing Your Potential

Discovering Your Purpose

Finding Your Passions

What is Spiritual Coaching?

Spiritual Coaching (also known as Spiritual Direction or Spiritual Companionship) is the art of sacred conversation that focuses on the Divine Love’s presence and movement within and surrounding a person. Through deep listening, silence, breathing and prayer/meditation/mindfulness, together we explore who the Creator (or another name you use) created you to be and your calling in life in this time and place. A spiritual coach will sometimes offer suggestions of spiritual disciplines and exercises along the journey.

Spiritual Coaching tends to your soul and is present-focused and guides you in discovering who you are in the present with all your gifts, talents and passions. Spiritual coaching is about awareness of love and grace in your life.

Spiritual Coaching is for ALL people. There is no judgment or advice given. It is a brave and confidential space to explore, discover and to be curious. Spiritual Coaching is for people of all faiths and those who are not affiliated with any faith. Spirituality is one part of who we are in all its various forms.

Typically, individual sessions last for one hour once a month. However, sometimes, we find ourselves in the wilderness or storms of life and need more support.


1 Coaching Session: $50

Package of 4 sessions: $160 ($40 per session)

Package of 8 sessions: $280 ($35 per session)

Free or reduced fee for undergraduate and seminary students, LGBTQ+ and BIPOC persons. Contact for more information.

In life, sometimes we need extra support financially. In the case that these fees are beyond your budget, and you are still interested in coaching, please reach out and inquire about fee options.

There are a variety of payment options. Contact for more details.