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Wellness & Nutrition Coaching

Life’s busy and complicated. Stress and lack of movement, sleep, and nutrition hinder us from living out our potential. Whether you want to lose some weight, wear a specific item clothing, prepare for a 5K, or to look and feel more confident and strong, being intentional about your goals in a supportive and confidential environment is a first step.

Through small steps, big “Wins” happen. It’s about consistency not perfectionism. It’s about naming and noticing who you are as a person. It is about intentionality in your already busy life.

There are no meals plans or counting calories. It’s about naming and noticing what we are choosing to fuel our bodies, minds and spirits. It’s about building skills that make sense in your life. Progress goes beyond the scale. It’s about a deeper connection with yourself.

Using Precision Nutrition’s ProCoach revolutionary “Goal–>Skill–>Practice–>Action” model, I help people understand their why, and develop nutrition, movement, sleep, stress, and specific change adaptation skills (such as mindset and outlook). It is a more holistic approach to empower individuals (and families) to build the skills they need to make new choices and try new things—to fully experience the world around them.

Coach Andrea Fluegel personally went through the Precision Nutrition (PN) program in 2018-2019. It was such a powerful and transformative experience in her life that she enrolled in PN’s Level 1 Coaching Certification program. Surprisingly, Andrea and her family started saving money because of their new shopping practices and reductions in life insurance and medical costs. Play, movement, and sleep became priorities in her family’s life. Stress was more manageable. She even had one of her best 10K times in several years. She grew more confident and physically stronger.


1-month “Discovery” plan: $119 (first month only)

1-month “Pay As You Go” plan: $249 per month

3-month plan: $687 ($229 per month)

6-month plan: $1,194 ($199 per month)

12-month plan: $2,148 ($179 per month)

Each client will receive access to the Precision Nutrition ProCoach app, twice a month check-in phone or video calls for up to 20 minutes each, and weekly email support. ProCoach provides daily lessons and reflections for building skills toward your goals. The lessons and habit-building starts small. It’s about consistency not perfection.