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Life & Work Coaching

Coaching is a process of self-discovery.

Coaching is curiosity and exploration.

Coaching is a safe place of intentionally being seen and heard.

What is Coaching?

Coaching conversations empower you to discover what is already inside of you through deep listening, asking questions, and sharing observations and insights along the way. Coaching is intentional, non-judgmental, curiously open-minded, and strictly confidential. Coaching is action-oriented and forward moving. Coaching is a step-by-step journey.

Coaching can be utilized in secular, business and religious environments. Coaching can be used for a variety of aspects in our lives.

Coaching is for individuals, groups and work or ministry teams.

What coaching is not:

  • Therapy
  • Consulting
  • Mentoring
  • Pastoral Care

Individual Sessions

Sometimes, we just get stuck. Coaching helps us to get unstuck and begin to move forward again. It happens in our work, in our play, and in our spiritual lives. Coaching is also a tool to deal with conflict, to create and innovate, and to express grief and joy. It’s a brave and confidential space to figure things out. Coaching is about discovering who you are. In Coaching you are seen and heard.

Coaching is also for individuals who know the direction they are headed, the goals they want to achieve, and want to keep moving forward. Coaching assists in refining and clarifying your goals. Monthly coaching sessions keep you aware and focused on your journey.

Group or Team Sessions

Workplace or ministry teams often have limited time and space to reflect on their mission and purpose. The tasks seem endless. Team coaching provides the space for teams to reflect, to set goals, and to move forward. Team coaching brings awareness, clarity and agency with a growth-mindset perspective

Team coaching sessions are approximately 90-120 minutes and take place monthly or quarterly depending on need and timeframe. Coaching sessions are available online or in-person. Costs include 60-minute intentional preparation meeting with team leader.

Group coaching is similar to individual coaching. In Group coaching sessions, you are in a brave and non-judgmental environment with one to three other people. Group coaching provides support, clarity, and awareness as you move forward in your life and workplace goals.


Typically, individual coaching sessions last for one hour once a month. However, sometimes, we find ourselves in the wilderness or storms of life and need more support.

1 Coaching Session: $50

Package of 4 sessions: $160 ($40 per session)

Package of 8 sessions: $280 ($35 per session)

Free or reduced fee for undergraduate and seminary students, BIPOC and LGBTQ+ persons.

In life, sometimes we need extra support financially. In the case that these fees are beyond your budget, and you are still interested in coaching, please reach out and inquire about fee options.

There are a variety of payment options. Contact for more details.


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